One day you will think about that day.

The content is about capturing the moments and memories so that one day you will think about that day.

Camera used: Olympus AZ-200 SuperZoom

Those Moments

“If only you knew how much this little moments with you mattered to me.”



Singapore Waiting


This is a self- initiated photography project that seeks to explore more  about relationship between each human waiting for something or someone.

The Dairy of my Life

Zine Book Design

Zine Book Design

Other than illustrating, Kai also has an interest in photography which allows him to clear his mind and gain inspiration through day-to-day happenings and observing people around him.

This is the reason why he started this mini zine publication. To express out how he see things in life everything and express out his inner thoughts. There is no right or wrong in this zine. Just personal expression diary. Enjoy reading!


Creative Field(s)        Graphic Design / Character Design / Illustration/ Photography

Father and Son

Book Cover



Father and Son is a project about my relationship with my father. In this project, I hope that it can create a stronger bond with my father and understand more about him. What was he really like as a father and what I really do want to understand about him.

Father and Son is a collaboration work with him and we will be writing hand written letter to each other every day.  Through the letter writing, my father and I intend to understand each other better deep down inside our heart and things that we usually don’t say it out face to face. we will also illustrate it out based on what the letters are trying to mean for us and come out with a piece of artwork. We will also be recording each other of our daily life for a min and create a story out of it.

Creative Field(s)           Animation / Character Design / Illustration/ Graphic Design

Silent Senses

book design FA

Taiwan International Student Design Competition (2016) – Finalist

Flagship Genius 2017
NAFA Best of Best Graduation Show (2016)

The government seemed to have raised more awareness on other disability groups compared to the Deaf. Silent Senses aims to increase awareness for the deaf culture. As someone who is born hard of hearing, I hope to raise more awareness to Singaporeans and educate the public about this disability; from what I have seen and experience, differently from others. Through my illustrations and my animation, I hope to be able to aspire and minimise the misconception between the hearing and the Deaf and hard of hearing.

Creative Field(s) Animation / Character Design / Illustration/ Graphic Design

Collab. / Lily Goh from ExtraOrdinary Horizons